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WYOMING COUNTY GOVERNMENT     (All 570 Area Code, unless noted)
Wyoming County Census

County Commissioners County Officers of the Court District Justices County Courthouse Offices District Attorney County  Courthouse Offices
County Detectives Sheriff County Solicitor Adult Probation Office  Domestic Relations Office Juvenile Probation Office
County Election Bureau Recorder 
of Deeds 
Register of Wills    Chief Assessor County Planning Commission Jury Commissioner
Public Defender County Coroner  Emergency Management Agency Communications Center   Redevelopment Authority 
Prothonotary Clerk of Courts  Tax Claim Office  Treasurer  Veterans' Advisor Wyoming County Conservation District

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County Commissioners
Anthony Litwin, Chairman 836-3200
Judy Kraft Mead, Vice-Chair  
J. Stark Bartron II    
Commissioners Staff  
William Gaylord, Chief Clerk/Administrator  
Jim Davis, County Solicitor  
Georgette Smith, Deputy Chief Clerk  
Marisa Crispell-BarberAdministrative Assistant/Website Administrator



County Officers of the Court

Judge  Russell D. Shurtleff 836-3151


Wyoming County Human Services Building

      SR 29, Tunkhannock,  Next to Wal-Mart

                    Children and Youth  (570)  836-3131

                    Commission on Economic Opportunity  (570) 836-4090

                    Domestic Relations  (570)  836-8645

                    Emergency Management Agency (570) 836-2828

                    Northeast Pennsylvania Legal Services  (570)  836-5149


District Justices

District 44-3-0l
  P.O. Box 276 Factoryvill, PA 18419 945-3038
*Clinton Township, Factoryville Borough, Lemon Township, Nicholson Borough, Overfield Township

District 44-3-02
Carl W. Smith Jr. Courthouse 836-3797

*Eaton Township, Exeter Township, Falls Township, Monroe Township, Northmoreland Township, Noxen Township, Tunkhannock Borough

District 44-3-04
John Hovan 271 Hollowcreast Rd. Tunkhannock, PA 18657 836-l66l

*Braintrim, Forkston, Mehoopany,Meshoppen, North Branch, Tunkhannock, Washington and Windham Townships, Laceyvile, Meshoppen Boroughs.



Richard Montross

Courthouse 836-3200


District Attorney

Jeff Mitchell Courthouse 836-3200


Wyoming County Correctional Facility

Mickey R. Ameigh - Warden 10 Stark St.  836-1717
The staff and management of the Wyoming County Correctional Facility are dedicated to the following three basic goals:  
  1. Assure the public safety
  2. Assure the safety of our staff
  3. Assure the safety of the incarcerated

Additionally, by providing safe and secure housing of the criminal offender, we hope to foster emotional and intellectual maturity of inmates, through realistic and responsible programs and policies.

County Courthouse Offices



Sharon Davis 836-3200
David Morrison 836-3200
Sandra Ritz 836-3200


Chief Assessor

Tax Mapping and Assessment Office
1 Court House Square
Tunkhannock, Pa 18657

(570)  996-2262 

Office hours are from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Eric A. Brown, CPE, Cheif  
Catherine J. Voda, CPE Chief Deputy


Jury Commissioner
Robert Ferguson
Thelma Shebby
Donna Clark, Clerk 836-3200


County Election Bureau
Celine Reich,   Director 836-3200
Cathy Hivish, Deputy Registrar


County Planning Commission
Paul Weilage, Planning Director:


              Planning Commission Board Members:
Walter Derhammer          Randy Ehrenzeller
Richard Fitzsimmons
Thomas Davis         
Dale Brown
Marta Ruiz
Jim Cappucci
Glenn Shupp
Jon Howard


-Chairman  -  Monroe Township 
Secretary  -  Eaton Township 
Exeter Township
Factoryville Township
Lemon Township
- Tunkhannock Township
Mehoopany Township
- Tunkhannock Township
Tunkhannock Township


County Detectives
David Ide 836-3200


Domestic Relations Office
Florence Mociun, Director 836-3200


Juvenile Probation Office
Director 836-3200


PROTHONOTARY: Chief Registrar to the Court, keeper of the records
Paulette A. Burnside, Prothonotary, Clerk of Courts and Clerk of Orphans Court
Karen Bishop, First Deputy
Donna Valvano, Second Deputy
Sharon kuback, Third Deputy
Linda Norconk, Clerk Typist






Recorder of Deeds
Dennis Montross 836-3200
Nancy Kilmas,  Deputy
Terri Mahoney, Deputy


Register of Wills
Dennis Montross 836-3200
Nancy Kilmas, First Deputy
Terri Mahoney, Second Deputy


Tax Claim Bureau
Theresa Gannon,  Director 996-2239 or 2240
Laurie Pedley,  Deputy Director


Darlene M. Marshall, Treasurer 996-2286 or 2287

Helen Montanye, Deputy Treasurer


Veterans' Advisor
Leonard Pallis 836-3200


County Solicitor
John Hovan 836-5507


Public Defender
  ll2 Warren St. 836-


County Coroner
Thomas G. Kukuchka 836-3321

Emergency Management Agency
Martha Decker, Coordinator Human Services Building 836-2828
Betty Carpenter, Operations and Training Officer


Communications Center


Emergency Calls                 9ll

Adult Probation Office

Chief Probation Officer - Christopher Ciprich

Senior Probation Officer - James Neary

Institutional Probation Officer  -  Jerome Tonti
Probation Officer  -  William Colbenson
Probation Officer  -  Kelly Armstrong
Probation Officer  -  Eric McAndrew
Collection Officer - Brenda Cappucci
Clerical - Cindy McCarthy

Special Services:
DUI Program
Retail Theft Education
Bail Supervision
Intermediate Punishment


Hours of Operation:
8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
After hours emergency: (570) 836-6161



Housing Authority
John Jennings, Executive Director
Michael Dziak, Chairman
Philip Shebby
Stacy Huber
Osbert Patton
Ronald Burr
Bailey Apartments Nicholson 942-63l0
Susquehanna Apartments 836-5282
Old Orchard Apartments              Falls  
White's  Ferry Apartments           Falls
Meshoppen Townhouse Apartments
Exeter Township Apartments


Redevelopment Authority
Bailey Apartments, Nicholson 942-6l55
John Jennings, Executive Director
Philip Shebby, Chairman
James Cruver
Michael Dziak
C. Ronald Burr
Stacy Huber