Light Delights

"Pier 17"- filet of haddock, breaded & broiled in lemon sauce w/ baked potato
Lean-N-Low #1 - 6oz burger, cottage cheese, pear
Lean-N-Low #2 - 6oz sirloin steak, with fresh mixed vegetables
Lite-N-Low - steamed haddock, fresh broccoli, cocktail sauce or butter
Trim Chick - breast of chicken charbroiled with fresh mixed vegetables
Vegetarian Delight - fresh steamed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots w/ baked potato..
Tuna Delight - two muffin halves topped with tuna, tomato, & melted cheese
Chicken Delight - tender seasoned chicken breast w/ lettuce, tomato, mayo. Served on a Kaiser roll